Design of a new, stand-alone office for Manchester Crematorium staff in the grounds of their existing estate located off Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton

Planning permission was granted in June 2016 and the building was completed in December 2020. A contemporary design approach was adopted with the emphasis on simplicity. It is a relatively small, single storey building with a basement for records storage. It provides ‘modern’ facilities for the administration of the Crematorium into the future. It has been sensitively designed paying particular attention to the massing, materials and detailing.

High quality materials were used to reflect the longevity and permanence of the Crematorium. The use of large areas of glass reflects the surrounding landscape and integrates the building into the environment.

The use of Portland Stone, particularly for the elevation facing Barlow Moor Road gives the building a reference to stone features on the other existing buildings. This facade also gives an aspect of monumentality to the building reflecting the purpose of the Crematorium and the memorials in the grounds.

The use of bronze anodised curtain wall framing and eaves complements the stone cladding panels.


Chorlton, Manchester


Manchester Crematorium Ltd


352 square metres